Customer Support

São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Product and Technology

We are constantly seeking people that want to change the way the payment market is structured today. We are building a new infrastructure that allows the entrance of new payment players on a R$1.4tri market dominated by a few companies for the past 15 years. We do this by offering a platform where any company can be their own payment service.

What's the problem?

Today our account managers are overloaded with technical support tasks. We are looking forward to hire someone to work together with them and our tech team, we do not want to scale support by hiring a lot of people, instead we want to automate and fix the problems at their root cause. To do that we need someone that's able to both help the account manager with instant issues and then help aggregating and structuring common problems so we can address them as solutions in the core product.

Core responsibilities

- Execute operational tasks that arrive as support tickets (technical tasks that shouldn't be done by an account manager)

- Propose smart ways to deal with common tasks

- Separate what can be dealt with in the support layer and what needs to be fixed in our core product

- Create, maintain and guarantee a fixed time frame (SLA) for the tasks executions

- Cooperate with our tech team (you are part of it) to evolve our product using customer's feedback


Hard Skills

- Knows how to create scripts to automate tasks (basic Python or Excel macros for example)

- Knows any BI tool or any query language to be able to extract data from sources of truth

- Intermediate english (You need to read very well because part of your job may involve dealing with some API documentations that are written in english only)

Soft Skills

- Must be able to talk with customers and maintain a light and confident communication

- Does not conform with shallow solutions. One case might be handled with a band-aid, but that doesn't mean that we want to buy a truck of band-aids. You need to be able to identify recurrent problems so we can fix them in the root cause.


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